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Press Releases


June 20: NUSACC Hosts Fifth Annual Iftar Dinner in Washington, DC

May 26: NUSACC Supports World Trade Week in New York

May 16: NUSACC Receives President's "E" Award for Export Service

May 11: NUSACC Supports World Trade Week in Los Angeles

May 4: NUSACC Supports Business Conference in Rabat

March 30: NUSACC Supports Kuwait Investment Forum

March 28: NUSACC Co-Hosts Fourth Annual Ambassadors Forum

March 7: NUSACC Welcomes Former Tunisian Prime Minister Jomaa

February 5: U.S. Goods Exports to the Arab World Dipped in 2015

February 2: NUSACC Supports Arab Health in the UAE


December 21: NUSACC Supports Arab American Day

December 8: NUSACC Names Lebanon's Antoine Chedid as "Ambassador of the Year"

November 13: NUSACC Supports Saudi Stock Exchange Road Show to the U.S.

October 30: NUSACC Supports DEWA Visit to Southern California

October 23: NUSACC Supports Morocco Trade & Investment Forum in Atlanta

October 21: NUSACC Hosts U.S. Ambassador-Designate to Tunisia

October 12: NUSACC Welcomes Tunisia’s Nobel Peace Prize

October 5: NUSACC Hosts Dubai Silicon Oasis Visit to California

September 10: NUSACC Welcomes New Tunisian Ambassador

September 2: NUSACC Hosts Senior Kuwaiti Delegation for DNA Roundtable

August 21: NUSACC Supports Capacity-Building Among Young Arab Professionals

August 7: NUSACC Welcomes Ambassador (Ret.) Gordon Gray as Executive Vice President

June 15: NUSACC Welcomes New Algerian Ambassador

May 28: NUSACC Hosts Tunisia's Ministers of Finance and Tourism

May 20: NUSACC Hosts Kuwait Investment Roundtable in Washington, DC

May 15: NUSACC Supports World Trade Week in Los Angeles

May 8: NUSACC Co-Hosts Former Lebanese Prime Minister

April 22: North Africa Road Show to DC, Maryland & Texas

April 7: NUSACC Supports World Forum For FDI in Sharjah, UAE

April 2: U.S. Business Delegation Wraps Up North African Mission

March 25: Ambassadors Forum Features 19 Chiefs of Mission

March 1: U.S. Business Delegation Begins North African Mission

February 13: 8th High Tech Road Show Concludes in Texas

February 6: U.S. Exports to MENA Reach $71.47 Billion in 2014

January 13: 8th High Tech Road Show Launches in Las Vegas


December 18, 2014: NUSACC Supports MENA ICT Forum

December 14, 2014: NUSACC Names Moroccan Diplomat "Ambassador of the Year"

December 9, 2014: NUSACC Organizes "Pumps & Pipes" Seminar in the UAE

December 3, 2014: NUSACC Supports Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Morocco

November 8, 2014: NUSACC Supports Mountain States Trade Mission to the UAE

November 6, 2014: U.S. - Morocco Trade & Investment Forum in Dallas

October 1, 2014: NUSACC Co-Organizes Morocco Green Investment Roundtable

August 25, 2014: NUSACC Participates in National Governors Association Meeting

August 15, 2014: DEWA Visits Five Cities Across the United States

August 5, 2014: NUSACC Hosts 1st Annual Iftar Dinner in Los Angeles, CA

July 25, 2014: NUSACC Hosts 1st Annual Iftar Dinner in Houston, TX

July 14, 2014: NUSACC Hosts 3rd Annual Iftar Dinner in Washington, DC

July 10, 2014: ALGERIA: U.S. is Guest of Honor at Algiers International Fair

July 9, 2014: JORDAN: NUSACC Supports Aqaba Delegation

June 18, 2014: Two New Launches in L.A. Boost UAE/CA Relations

June 18, 2014: Qatar Airways Opens 3 New Non-Stop Routes to the USA

May 8, 2014: NUSACC Supports Discover Global Markets 2014

May 6, 2014: NUSACC Connects L.A. Business Community to GCC Nations

April 30, 2014: NUSACC Hosts High-Level Delegation from Sharjah, UAE

April 22, 2014: NUSACC Supports "Green" Initiatives in the UAE

April 22, 2014: NUSACC Supports Tunisian Prime Minister Visit to the U.S.

April 9, 2014: Important Trends in U.S.-Morocco Commerce

April 5, 2014: NUSACC and AmCham Qatar Host Secretary Pritzker

March 27, 2014: NUSACC Welcomes New Qatari Ambassador

March 24, 2014: Ambassadors Forum 2014

March 19, 2014: NUSACC Supports Power Generation Delegation From Libya

February 21, 2014: NUSACC Hosts New Tunisian Ambassador

February 12, 2014: Qatar 2022 Delegation Visits Atlanta and Miami

February 6, 2014: U.S. Exports to MENA Reach $70.85 Billion in 2013

February 5, 2014: NUSACC Supports "Doing Business in Saudi Arabia" Workshop

January 15, 2014: High Tech Road Show Launches in Salt Lake City

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