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Member Benefits

NUSACC: Here to Serve You

The National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce was established over 40 years ago and is America’s longest serving organization dedicated to U.S.-Arab business.  With offices in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and its headquarters in Washington DC, NUSACC covers the nation from coast-to-coast and is the only entity in the United States with official recognition conferred by the League of Arab States and the General Union of Arab Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture.  This unique designation provides NUSACC with unparalleled access to U.S. and Arab embassies, high-level government officials, senior business leaders, and chambers of commerce in the United States and throughout the 22 nations of the Arab world.

Membership Opportunities

NUSACC is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization (501-c-6) with a membership that consists of U.S. and Arab businesses representing a wide range of sectors.  The Chamber works with more than 20,000 companies.  Most of these are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but NUSACC also includes numerous Fortune 500 companies among its members.

Membership is available to companies, institutions, and associations. All employees of member entities enjoy the benefits of membership.  All publications, announcements, research, and special reports, for example, may be distributed to any employees of member entities.  Membership is based on a 12-month cycle, renewable annually.   There are three levels of membership: Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus.

Membership Benefits

Gold Level Membership ($2,500)

Information Benefits
  • Publications: Subscription to U.S.-Arab Tradeline journal and other NUSACC publications focused on U.S.-Arab trade and investment opportunities.
  • Calendar: Revolving calendar available for a variety of U.S.-Arab events searchable by dates, locations, and subject matter.
  • E-newsletter: U.S.-Arab Trade Monitor is geared toward U.S.- Arab trade and investment opportunities sourced from more than 140,000 global news sources.
  • Website: Exclusive content is available through the Chamber’s website (www.nusacc.org), including:
    • Trade Data -- U.S.-Arab trade data reports on U.S. exports to the Arab world.
    • Leads -- Business announcements and Arab government tenders available to U.S. companies.
    • Reference Links -- Useful, up-to-date links connecting to key trade and investment resources.
    • Policy Information -- Analysis of policy developments that affect the business climate in U.S.-Arab relations.
Exposure Benefits
  • Business Development: NUSACC routinely organizes trade missions, roundtables, business-to-business sessions and other opportunities for the benefit of its members.
  • International Networks: Members tap into an existing network of U.S. and foreign embassies, senior government officials, business leaders, and chambers of commerce.
  • Referrals: Members make connections with other NUSACC member organizations resulting in referrals through their involvement.
  • Member Discounts: Members receive discounts on the registration fees and other associated expenses for all NUSACC sponsored delegations.
Service Benefits
  • Partnership Opportunities for co-hosting member events.
  • Certification Services: Commercial certification takes place in each of the four NUSACC offices located throughout the United States.
  • Translation Services: English-to-Arabic and Arabic-to-English translation services are available.

Platinum Level Membership ($5,000)

Receive all Gold Membership benefits plus the following benefits:

  • Events: Receive complimentary access and VIP seating for all NUSACC events, including those with U.S. decisions makers and Arab dignitaries.
  • Executive Advisory Services: Members benefit from notification of select U.S. and Arab business opportunities, including a dedicated one-on-one analysis from senior NUSACC staff.
  • Travel Assistance: Visa assistance and travel guidance is available to Platinum members when preparing to travel the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region, including cultural awareness and sensitivity training upon request.

Platinum-Plus Level Membership ($15,000)

Receive all Platinum Membership benefits plus the following benefits:

Platinum Membership for 12 months      =$5,000
Sponsorship of two events @ $5,000 each
(including VIP seating at the head table)
Sponsorship of one full-page ad in
U.S.-Arab Tradeline on an annual basis
(valued at $5,000 per issue)
Subtotal      $20,000
-NUSACC discount      -$5,000
Total      $15,000


Four Pillars


Providing access to top decisionmakers in the United States and the Arab world
NUSACC opens doors to leaders in the U.S. and Arab business communities, the U.S. Government, Arab governments, professional associations, think tanks, multilateral entities, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and the like.


Serving as an advocate for the American and Arab business communities
The government relations team at NUSACC leads the way in promoting U.S.-Arab commercial interests by presenting testimony, drafting white papers, covering hearings, and generating special relations among U.S. and Arab governments and businesses.

Business Facilitation

Promoting good ethics and well-informed business decisions
The NUSACC team offers a range of services designed to help U.S. and Arab business leaders, including Certification Services, Standards Services, Research Services, Translation Services, Training Services, and Trade & Investment Services.

Professional Advancement

Fostering business development and networking opportunities
In Washington DC, around the United States, and throughout the Arab world, NUSACC and its partners host high-level roundtable discussions, seminars, conferences, workshops, and other events designed to generate U.S.-Arab business opportunities.