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Policy Center

The National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC) works closely with government leaders throughout the United States and the Arab world, as well as high-level decisionmakers from public policy research centers, multilateral institutions, and nongovernmental organizations that are involved in developing and advocating for trade policy. NUSACC’s new website features policy positions of official governments and the efforts of these third-party entities that capture the current atmosphere of U.S.-Arab trade relations.


Relevant News

Legislative Update: 2012 Trade Agenda Firms Up (02/15/12)

President's 2013 Budget Proposal Has More Money for Trade Enforcement, Promotion (02/15/12)

U.S. to Develop Action Plan for Boosting Trade with Egypt (01/30/2012)

State Dept. Reorganization Combines Economic, Energy and Environment Functions (12/12/2011)

Syria-Related Provisions in Export Regulations Reorganized (12/12/2011)

Sameh Shoukry Hails 'New Egypt,' But Will Old Habits Die Hard? (11/30/2011)

U.S., EU Focus on Increasing Growth, Aiding Middle East (11/29/2011)

U.S. Further Eases Libya Sanctions (11/24/2011)

Export Group Recommendations on Expansion of Technology Agreement, MENA Trade (11/21/2011)

Dreier and Meeks Support FTA with Egypt (11/19/2011)

State Department Launches New Bureau of Energy Resources (11/16/2011)

Keynote Address at the National Democratic Institute's 2011 Democracy Awards Dinner (11/07/2011)

Defense Trade Regulations Amended to Update Policy on Libya (11/04/2011)

Commerce Secretary, Other Trade Nominees Confirmed by Senate (10/25/2011)

United States and Egypt Advance Bilateral Trade and Investment Talks in Support of Egypt's Democratic Transition (10/23/2011)

Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Punke, Chief Agricultural Negotiator Siddiqui Confirmed By United States Senate (10/21/2011)

Business Groups Want FTAs with African Regional Groups, Expanded AGOA (10/21/2011)

OFAC Clarifies Regulations on Exports of Food to Sudan and Iran (10/12/2011)

Middle East Trade Initiative Advances with Re-Launched Talks with Tunisia (10/07/2011)

Foreign Agricultural Services Head Nominated (09/29/2011)

USTR Official Discusses Trade and Investment Partnership with MENA Region (09/28/2011)

Libyan Sanctions Eased Following UN Security Council Action (09/20/2011)

Hatch Wants Update on Trade Agency Reorganization, Pushes for FTAs (08/26/11)

Senate Finance to Hold Sept. 7 Hearing on USTR, DOC, ITC Nominations (08/16/11)

Senate Confirms Commerce Secretary as China Ambassador; Replacement Stalled (07/29/11)

Ambassador Sapiro Meets with Moroccan Minister Abdellatif Maazouz, Reviews Progess of the U.S.-Morocco Trade Agreement (07/12/2011)

Clinton Outlines Road Ahead for Arab Democracy (07/01/2011)

New Libyan Sanctions Regulations Issued (07/01/11)

Ex-Im Bank Proposes New Strategy to Address Challenges to U.S. Exports (06/22/11)

New Effort Aims to Lower Barriers to Foreign Investment in U.S. (06/17/11)

President Obama Announces Intent to Nominate John Bryson as U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary (May 31, 2011)

Protectionism Pressures On the Rise, Report Says (05/25/11)

Defense Export Regulations Amended to Reflect Libya Sanctions (05/24/11)

Obama Announces Trade and Investment Partnership Initiative with Middle East/North Africa (05/23/11)

Hearing Highlights Progress, Challenges in Export Control Reform Effort (05/13/11)

Customs Reauthorization Bill Under Construction, Seeks to Address Problematic Issues (05/09/11)

Defense Export Regulations Likely to be Reviewed Within Next Two Years (05/09/11)

New Tool Streamlines Tariff Information for FTA Partner Countries (04/29/11)

Effect of Trade Agreements on Agricultural Trade Examined in USDA Report (04/20/11)

Global Trade to Grow 6.5% This Year, Regain Pre-Crisis Level (04/08/11)

Challenges Ahead for Trade Agenda (04/08/11)

Control Measures Eased on Vessels Arriving from Mauritania (04/07/11)

Trade Warned Against Efforts to Evade Sanctions on Iranian Shipping Line (04/04/11)

Congressional Hearings (Archive)

President Obama's Trade Policy Agenda (02/29/12)

Bureaucratic Obstacles for Small Exporters: Is Our National Export Strategy Working? (07/27/11)

Export Controls, Arms Sales, and Reform: Balancing U.S. Interests, Part 1 (05/12/11)

Enforcing America's Trade Laws in the Face of Customs Fraud and Duty Evasion (05/05/11)

Nomination of Eric L. Hirschhorn to be Under Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration (04/12/11)

Market Promotion Programs and Their Effectiveness on Expanding Exports of U.S. Agricultural Products (04/07/11)

How Passing Free Trade Agreements Will Help Small Businesses Create New Jobs (04/06/11)

The Role of the Export-Import Bank in U.S. Competitiveness and Job Creation (03/10/11)

The President's 2011 Trade Agenda (03/09/11)

Congressional Legislation

S 1547: To reauthorize the Export-Import Bank of the United States...

HR 2106: To strengthen sanctions against the Government of Syria...

HR 1603: To establish the Emergency Trade Deficit Commission...