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Affordable Housing Development Summit
Dates:04/15/2012 - 04/18/2012
Topic:Other Events

Although the awareness of “affordable housing” in the Middle East has rapidly increased over the past 5 years, we are still faced with a huge amount of unmet demands from the lower income households across the region, especially in Oman, resulting from insufficient supply from both governments and private developers. However, there are some traditional property stewardship practices, and physical and financial forms that can be reinterpreted in modern forms to achieve greater affordable housing access.
The Ministry of Housing in Oman has established goals to be followed in implementing its plans and programmes for the housing sector, including:
  • Development of housing services provided to the citizen and the beneficiary
  • Activating the role of the sector in diversifying resources of income through planning and providing lands to meet the needs of the vital sectors in the various governorates and regions of the Sultanate
  • Continue in the policy of granting lands, housing assistance and soft loans for citizens of limited income and social security families
In order to achieve these goals and to link areas with each other, the ministry takes into account a set of norms and standards, including the density of population, housing needs, social variables and potential economic developments, as well as the hierarchy of residential dwellings.
The Affordable Housing Development Summit Oman 2011 addressed the challenges of implementing and designing affordable housing programs and developments. The four-day event featured a distinguished list of speakers and attracted the participation of delegates from within Oman and from other countries worldwide. Several regional governments have earmarked affordable housing development schemes as a key priority, due to exponential population growth and the previous focus on luxury housing. The Affordable Housing Development Summit Oman has united these governments with major developers, investors, banks and financial institutions, contractors, solution providers and international specialists to formulate strategies and source solutions and innovative services to address the increasing need for affordable housing developments.
This Affordable Housing Development Summit Oman 2012 programme will showcase MENA governments strategies in developing affordable housing projects, financing options and incentives to attract private investors, the regulatory and legal framework required to ensure successful projects development as well as innovative design and construction technologies to build affordable housing projects within budget.
Key topics that will be covered in the Oman Affordable housing Development Summit 2012 include:
  • Assessing opportunities and attractiveness of affordable housing market in Oman
  • Understanding the legal and regulatory framework
  • Learning from other MENA governments vision and strategies in developing affordable housing market
  • Identifying public and private funding and financing models for affordable housing in the Middle East
  • Attracting private developers to invest in the affordable housing market to increase supply and quality
  • Reviewing affordable design and construction technologies that are resistant in hostile climates
IQPC has established itself as the No.1 regional partner for the affordable housing development community. Following a series of successes in organising affordable housing development events in Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, India and South Africa.
Oman Affordable Housing Development Summit 2012, will bring together public and private project industry leaders to address mechanisms required to sustain this sector and achieve its objectives, and explore the latest solutions and strategies to attract private investments.
During four- days of innovative content, senior-level participants will be provided with the unique opportunity to learn from ministries, real estate developers and financiers who have successfully implemented low-cost and middle income housing programs in the region and beyond.
This is the only event in Oman showcasing high-level keynote presentations, interactive panel sessions and international case studies that address the challenges of implementing and designing affordable housing programmes and developments.
Key Benefits of Attending:
  • Meet key government and industry decision makers that will shape the future of affordable housing development in Oman and the Middle East
  • Learn about the region’s governments vision and strategic planning for developing the affordable housing market
  • Evaluate the affordable housing market forecast for the next 5-10 years
  • Gain insight into public and private funding and financing models for affordable housing in the Middle East
  • Review projects in the pipeline and receive updates on existing projects in Oman
  • Learn about regional best practices
  • Find out about innovation and cost-effective sustainable design and construction technologies
  • Explore case studies that focus on project finance and technologies for affordable housing development
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